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Well, we all know by now that there is a bunch of really great software titles out there which you can download. But which are the best of the best? We have assembled this page to show you what we think are the most invaluable software titles you can find out there on the net.

Chat Programs
AOL Instant Messenger
This software assigns you an AOL screen name which you can use to talk to people through both Instant Messenger and America Online, using the popular Instant Message chat. FREE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh] [windows 3.1]
gives you the ability to chat, send and recieve files, and share URLs. ICQ is used by many people. FREE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh] [windows 3.1]
mIRC is one of the best ways to access IRC, (Internet Relay Chat) SHAREWARE
[windows 95/98][windows 3.1]
Download Helpers
how could one live without Getright! This program lets you resume a download if you are disconnected or want to download more then a few things at once SHAREWARE
[windows 95/98] [windows 3.1]
Internet Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer
one of the most popular browsers out there, this browser has everything you need all in one solution FREE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh] [windows 3.1]
Netscape Communicator
the other most popular browser. This browser has less features than MSIE but is also a lot more stable FREE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh] [windows 3.1]
Other Software Titles
Paint Shop Pro -
a great solution to enable you to quickly create and edit photos. SHAREWARE
Real Audio Player-
enables you to watch real video and listen to real audio clips from the internet. FREE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh]
if you download mp3 files, this is probably the best mp3 player around. it can also be customized to your own preference using downloadable skins.SHAREWARE
[windows 95/98] [macintosh]
the world's most popular compression software, which makes downloading and compressing files easy as pie. this is one of those must have software titles SHAREWARE
[windows 95/98] [windows 3.1]
Rating System for Software
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This is definitly worth checking out!
A Good Program
Average Program
Poor Program
Shareware Information
Shareware means that you try the software before you buy it. The software usually expires after a set number of days. If you want to continue to use the software, then you must purchase it.

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